Learn to count calories on your 5.2 diet recipes


How do you calculate the calories for your 5.2 diet recipes?

I have received many questions about how to count calories during the day. Therefore, hereinafter, a post on how to best calculate calories to your 5.2 diet recipes.

5.2 diet recipes

1 Learn to Weigh your food

You need to learn to weigh your food so that you know if you eat too much or too little food on the fast day. The easiest to use is a diet / kitchen scale advice on scales you can find further down the post. Take a bowl or plate and reset the scale to zero. Then, add the foods and calculate the calorie content of step 2 and 3 of this guide .

If you do not have a kitchen scale or need a new advises me about one that can save calories for your favorite foods in this post:

Advice on 5:2 fast tools 

2 Use my Calorie Table

I have developed a Calorie Table with calculations for the most common foods . It can be found here:

Calorie Table 5.2 diet recipes

3 Learn to read ingredients lists

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right calorie amount for a particular product. Fortunately, there are calculated on each food. Here I have taken the example of a mixed bean pack where the manufacturer have indicated that it provides 80 kcal per 100 grams. Here you can also see the amount of proteins, carbohydrates contained in the product. For example, beans contain dietary fiber which is worth gold for your stomach. I have noticed that it is best to check the calorie content on the foods especially on broths and certain specialty products, which may differ substantially from different sources.

In case of emergency: Google the necessary items

I recommend googling only if you do not find what you are looking for. But as with any Internet source you have to take what you find with a pinch of salt so as not to get too much or too little calories on fast day!

If you still think it’s complicated to figure out the calories so is my book 5:2 diet recipe with 31 simple, easy to prepare and calorie counted recipes. the E-book costs only 89 sek.

5:2 dieten recept

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